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Light up the sparklers! 4th of July Wine+Toast…

The Wine…

For this star-spangled relaxed weekend spent grilling while the neighborhood kids play with snap-pops and sparklers, I will be drinking two wines. One a pinot noir from California and a rosé from France. This particular Pinot Noir is more “new world” in it profile than “old world”. Let me explain, basically new world refers to the US, Chile, Argentina, Africa, and a few other countries. In a general sense, these wines are typically “fruitier” and less acidic due to weather, production methods and physical location. However, not all new world wines are made big, bold, with heavy oak and sometimes a little sweet so knowing something about a specific winery/producer really helps here. If unsure about a wine, ASK! Most local wine shops or even your local Trader Joe’s/Whole Foods can help out when deciding. Now the French wine I am in favor of is “old world”. In fact, France has been the benchmark for wine production for so long, no one can remember a time when they weren’t the leaders. Now depending on where in france the wine is from, a different result is achieved. Wines from the northern regions will be “brighter”, more crisp and acidic and wines from the southern parts is obviously less. Of course all are considerably different by comparison so I encourage you to TASTE! TASTE!! TASTE!!! This will only help you choose the right wines for your palate, because we all like different things and that’s okay.

2009 Luli Pinot Noir, St. Lucia Highlands, California (great with grilled meats & fishes)

2010 Moulin Gassac Guilhem Rosé, Languedoc, France (perfect all around wine, but excels with veggies, eggs, fishes, poultry)

The Toast…


To her we drink, for her we pray,

Our voices silent never;

For her we’ll fight, come what may,

The stars and stripes forever!


Wedding Toasts You Ought to Know…

The Sweet & Thoughtful:

Here’s health to you and wealth to you, Honors and gifts a thousand strong:

Here’s name to you and fame to you, Blessings and joy a whole life long!

But, lest bright Fortune’s star grow dim, And sometimes cease to move to you,

I fill my bumper to the brim, And pledge a lot of love to you!!



The Humorous:

Here’s to the bride and mother-in-law.

Here’s to the groom and father-in-law,

Here’s to the sister and brother-in-law,

Here’s to the friends and friends-in-law,

May none of them need an attorney-at-law!



This toast goes out to friends near & far…

Here’s to the friends we love so well,

To those so far away!

If a drink of cheer would bring them here,

We would drink the live, the livelong day!




A bit late this week

Yesterday this Day’s madness did prepare.

Tomorrow’s silence, triumph or despair;

Drink! for you know not whence you came, nor why;

Drink! for you know not why you go, nor where.

-Omar Khayyam




We’ll drink to-night with hearts as light,

To loves as gay and fleeting.

As bubbles that swim on the beaker’s brim,

And break on the lips while meeting.







Fill the bowl with rosy wine,

Around our temples roses twine,

And let us cheerfully awhile,

Like the wine and roses, smile.

To-day is ours; what do we fear?

To-day is ours; we have it here!

Let’s banish business, banish sorrow,

To the gods belongs to-morrow.