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Napa…how to eat, drink + see the valley

As a native Californian + former Bay Area resident, I am often asked where is it that I go when back in Napa. So here is my ideal weekend trip to San Francisco + Napa. *Note: You have to make appointments at the wineries listed!

Off Minnesota Street in the Dogpatch is my favorite cafe, called Piccino’s. Order a bottle of white burgundy or the like, the fungi pizza, whatever salad is fresh that day + a plate of the pickled veggies.

Next up, The Ferry Building! Mecca to all SF foodies. Just go and wonder…

Next, make your way North to Napa via the Embarcadero. As you breach the Golden Gate, roll the windows down even if it’s foggy, it is some of the freshest air you can breath! Once you head up the hill, make sure to look back at the City…

As you drive through the Marin Headlands up toward Napa Valley you’ll hit Highway 37 which brings you to Sonoma/Napa. Once in Napa stay at The Westin Verasa, it’s not as posh as Meadowood but it’s centrally located and a block from the Oxbow Public Market. At the Oxbow, make sure to try, The Hog Island Oyster Co. The sweetwaters are their specialty…Another Napa hot spot not far from Oxbow, is Oenotri, fantastic charcuterie + perfect hand slung flatbread pizzas!

A morning tasting is to be desired at Domaine Carneros. Owned by Taittinger, this house is my personal favorite when it comes to bubbles in California + it has one of the most peaceful views of surrounding vineyards. Try a little smoked salmon plate to pair with their wines…

Escaping the tourist route, head up to Chappellet Winery. One of the most impressive vineyards overlooking Lake Hennessy. Just follow their directions online to avoid getting lost.

Take a stroll through Yountville, on your way to lunch at Bouchon. Thomas Keller’s favorite food is french bistro style cuisine + as a long time resident of Yountville, he does dine there from time to time.

The epitome of high design, Cade Winery sits at 1,800 feet of elevation + promises to be the gem in your memory box with it’s breathtaking views almost 60 miles south down the valley.

If you find yourself in St. Helena, try to pull up a chair fireside at Farmstead. Everything is grown or cultivated in house at the Long Meadow Ranch so relax while you nibble on freshly baked potato rolls right out of the oven.

Lastly, don’t forget to be a responsible drinker…




So almost 7 weeks ago my best friend Heather Hudak ( and I started an insanely crazy workout challenge with the celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson. The challenge was to workout with her Design Series dvd’s 4-6 times a week for 12 weeks while eating healthy. This was especially challenging for me in my line of work however, I hear moderation is key so I was up for gaining some balance.

The goal for me was to loose some of the wine belly I was gaining and achieve a more trim frame…only one catch. I had to pose in a tiny bikini for “before” and “after” shots! Let’s just say this was a true moment for cocktails the day of the shoot. We pulled it together though and even had fun. For me this challenge was really to gain some of the strength I was lacking in my core which was yielding symptomatic shoulder issues for me.  I have found the workouts to be wonderfully successful for my posture and overall tone of my muscles. I even find myself missing them if I skip a day! Regardless of the challenges of keeping fit I think it’s worth finding balance so I wanted to share some of my “foodie” salads that I have been making. (You knew I wasn’t going to eat carrots & celery this whole time didn’t you?)

watermelon radish market salad

Watermelon Radish & Little Gem Lettuce Salad:

A few bunches of crisp little gem lettuces (washed and spun dry)

A couple of watermelon radishes peeled and sliced with a knife or mandolin

Fresh chives cut to small pieces with kitchen shears or chefs knife

Kosher salt & fresh cracked pepper to taste

1/2 Lemon

1/4 cup Olive Oil

Combine the olive oil, lemon, salt & pepper in a small bowl and whisk together. In a large bowl combine the little gem lettuces, radish, & chives. Pour desired amount of the dressing over and toss. I serve this with soft scrambled eggs with chives and if  you would like a glass of wine with this try the 2009 Cade Winery Sauvignon Blanc from Napa California.

phat beets salad

Phat Beets Market Salad:

1 bunch frisée (washed & spun dry)

1/4 cup pickled beets

1 small turnip (peeled and sliced with a mandolin)

1/4 cup sliced toasted almonds (not shown here)

3 tbsp how to eat n’drink dressing (recipe below)

Wash and dry frisée and place in large salad bowl. Peel and slice the turnip with a mandolin and add to frisée. Dice the pickled beets and add to salad.

For the dressing:

1 tbsp garlic manonaise (homemade or store bought)

1 tbsp whole grain mustard

1 tbsp champagne vinegar

1 tbsp hazelnut oil

1 tbsp olive oil

1 tsp honey

Pinch of Kosher Salt

A few cracks of Pepper

In a small bowl, mix all of the ingredients until combined and emulsified. Drizzle to taste over the  frisée and enjoy with a glass of Costa d’Amalfi Furore Biano 2009 from Italy! But don’t forget to workout later…