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Nothing like a hot day  for indulging in one of my favorite treats, ice cream! New York City is warm enough outside to wear flip-flops and a tee-shirt, finally! The spring weather has been late to bloom fully but today, it was gorgeous out. Not to mention a Los Angeles food truck was in town to deliver a bit of happiness to these sometimes chilly New Yorker’s.

COOLHAUS,  is an ice cream food truck based in LA  (expanding to NYC) that serves amazing ice cream sammies and this weekend they are doing it for FREE!! Yep, you can get that mythical free  lunch if you are whiling to wait in line for it. (Hey, technically it’s a sandwich, right?) These “sammies” are made up of two delicious cookies and a huge scoop of ice cream handed over to you in an edible soy inked wrapper. Once your name is called and a smiling lady hands over the sammie you are taken back to childhood where life is carefree. It’s wonderful to try to eat the sammies and not get it all over your face!

I am including a link to COOLHAUS so you can track where they are while here in NYC. Make sure to visit them, bring the kids, the dog, grandma, your spouse, friend or neighbor and get in line!!! I’ll be the one with ice cream on my face with my dog begging by my side…


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