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A dear friend once said to me “Meagan, don’t worry, it’s just a little movie magic!” He said this as we were dressing in caveman costumes to shoot a scene in the woods. You can imagine the look of distrust I shot him when he said this. This memory came to mind with the Tribeca Film Festival is in full swing a few blocks from my apartment. It’s oozing a wonderful buzz of excitement in the neighborhood. Even the restaurants are removing their winter façades and setting up their outdoor café tables.

Despite all this excitement, spring has been toying with us here in Manhattan, with bouts of furious thunder storms amidst mild sunny days. I guess the saying is right, April showers, bring May flowers.

Sadly my exploring has been erratic in my quest for gastronomic bliss due to this weather. It has however,  motivated me in rolling out the one thing that’s been on my mind. A podcast feature on How to Eat n’ Drink for you to enjoy & share! I have been wanting to organize this feature for quite some time and now it seems almost ready. To give you an idea of some of the topics, I plan to give you an insider look at wineries, events, food culture & hopefully some great cooking demonstrations so you can really get your hands dirty. It will be slow but should be a lot of fun for everyone.

So hang in there, it should be here soon!

Here is my new favorite spring/summer cocktail, perfect for lounging in the park (make it in a mason jar and pack it with your picnic) or sharing with friends over a meal.



mason jar

Raspberry Bourbon Iced Tea (serves 1)

One tea-pot, bowl or pitcher & a mason jar

Brew 1 tbsp raspberry tea per cup of water (I use Harney & Sons Herbal Raspberry Tea)

1.5 shots of good Bourbon per cup of tea (I use Bullet Bourbon)

1 spoonful Agave or Raw Honey

A few leaves of fresh Mint

A few leaves of fresh Basil or Lime Basil

A few Fresh Raspberries

1-2 Dashes of Lemon or Peach Bitters

Seltzer Water or Sparkling Water

Pinch of salt

raspberry bourbon iced tea

Brew according to directions as much tea as you plan to enjoy (big batches can be stored in the refrigerator without ice until ready). Once the tea has cooled to room temperature poor it into a pitcher or bowl. Then add the honey or agave to taste stirring well with a wooden spoon to combine. Set aside. In the mason jar add the mint, basil, raspberries and a pinch of salt and muddle with a wooden spoon handle or muddler until the raspberries & herbs are bruised. Add fresh ice up to the midway point of the jar and top off with 1.5 shots of bourbon per one cup of tea. Add the tea mixture and tightly seal the lid. Shake it up until the jar gets cold and pour into your favorite glass (you may add fresh ice if desired). Top off with a splash of seltzer water or sparkling water and the bitters. There you go, an easy summer cocktail perfect for an outdoor brunch party, picnic or balmy summer nights with friends.

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