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I love NY! ~ great finds in my new city

Took this photo in Des Moines Iowa a while back.


So you all may have figured it out by now that we are no longer in wine country or the Bay Area for that matter. However, we are in the Big Apple and it’s pretty exciting!

There are a few learning curves when moving to a new place like finding the perfect butcher or fish monger. Even a great place for a weekend get-together with friends. So I have been searching around for some of the things that make NY home for this spoiled northern california girl.

1: Florence Meat Market ~ West Village

This place is really a treat to visit if you are into cooking. This is an old school butchers shop, complete with sawdust on the floor and white waxed paper wrapping. Although, you won’t get the luxury of looking over all the amazing choices so come prepared with what you need. They are famous for creating a cut of beef called the Newport Steak which I saw in all its glory while there.

What was I doing there you ask?  I was there to pick up beef short ribs for a recipe in the Balthazar cookbook. The short ribs were perfectly cut and packaged up and when the total came, I was impressed that it was reasonable (for 7 pounds of short ribs, 1 organic Cornish hen, 1 pound of fresh bacon, & 4 pounds of veal bone) = $41 dollars.  So if you are considering a menu for a dinner party I’d head over to Florence’s right away or call ahead if it’s something very special you need.

2. Dickson’s Farmstand Meats ~ Chelsea

This was stop two on my quest to make short ribs… Master’s Blend stock (Florence doesn’t carry stocks). It’s a blend of veal, pork & duck stock blended together and it is perfect! It’s $10 per quart (4 cups) and is worth every penny if you are going to step it up for a dish. This stock gave the reduced sauce for the short ribs the most incredible flavor. However, if you want to only make one stop, Dickson’s has beautiful organic cuts of pork, beef, duck, lamb, chicken etc. on hand. It’s easier to choose at Dickson’s since they have a more developed display area than Florence’s but it’s not as in-the-know as Florence’s.

3. Vestry Wine Shop ~ TriBeCa

I stumbled across this shop while walking to dinner with my husband. It’s just a few blocks from our apartment and what a find this is! Cynthia is the owner there and a wealth of knowledge even for a sommelier! She is great with specific information about producers for those of you big wine geeks and she is great with sharing suggestions for those of you exploring. They often have tastings at the shop and even offer tastings of wines they are considering to offer at the shop. As well as a wonderful selection in the under $20 section for daily delight!

Well, that’s some of the really great things I have found so far. Next up:  I am headed to Murray’s cheese shop and the farmers market. Hopefully I can find some beautiful shelling beans for spring salad! I’ll be including my one and only perfect salad dressing recipe. It’s my go to most of the time…


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  1. melissa lauer #

    Great ideas!!…but where are the ‘black n white cookies’? What is dinner without dessert!

    March 28, 2011
    • All of my questions stelted-thanks!

      October 29, 2011
  2. Lerannig a ton from these neat articles.

    October 29, 2011

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